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Breast Surgery

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Breast Revision

Our goal in Breast Revision surgery is to improve the look, shape and size of breasts that have been previously operated on. The techniques used will vary based on previous operations and what we are trying to accomplish. Frequently, we combine the breast lift and breast augmentation techniques. We also often use fat grafting, which is fat taken from the belly with liposuction and placed back into the breasts. Revision surgery can also include reconstructed breasts after breast cancer.

Anesthesia: General
Operative Time: 2-4 hours
Incisions: Varies per patient
Drains: Most often none

Recovery Timeline:

*Please note that each patient and case is unique. Nothing in surgery is a guarantee. Please talk with Dr. Street more in person about your individualized surgical plan. All general anesthesia is performed by a board-certified anesthesiologist.


How soon after previous breast surgery can I get a revision?
This depends on the type of surgery you had and how you are healing. Sometimes we need to wait a year for your tissue to settle from previous operations and sometimes we may be able to operate earlier.
Should I get revision if I have capsular contracture?
This is a personal question. We can usually improve capsular contracture with surgery. This improves the look and the softness of the breast and can make the result look more natural. There is no medical reason that you have to get revisional surgery for capsular contracture but most patients choose to.
Should I get revision if I have ruptured implants?
If you have a rupture you should get that implant removed. You can either remove your implants entirely or replace your implants. Ruptures in saline implants can usually be seen on exam however ruptures in silicone implants will need an MRI to diagnose.
How do I know if I need breast revision surgery?
Revisional breast surgery is for patients who have had previous breast surgery but aren’t happy with the results. We can often obtain more symmetry, a more natural look, or just a better fit for you. However, there are some things we cannot change. It is important to discuss all expectations during a consultation.
Which types of surgery will my breast revision need?
The surgical plan often involves combining multiple breast surgeries at once to get the best result. For example, we may exchange for new implants, revise the implant pockets, lift the breasts and do some liposuction or fat grafting all in one operation. Combining the strength of each technique allows us to more powerfully change the breast and get closer to your goal result. We will discuss your individual plan during the consultation process.

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Our goal is to educate and empower you to make the right decisions for your health.

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