Esthetician Services

Keri is our experienced esthetician and passionate skin care advocate. She has over ten years experience as an esthetician which is complimented by her long history of work assisting in dermatology offices. This makes her skilled in fluidly complimenting the procedures and treatments performed by the doctors here at Valley Dermatology & Plastic Surgery. By working as a team, patients get comprehensive care and better results. Keri is continually educating herself on current and upcoming cosmetic treatments, products, and technology. She truly enjoys helping patients find what will work for their unique needs and lifestyle. Keri’s ultimate goal is create a relaxing, spa-like experience while delivering clinical results that make a difference patients can appreciate.


Keri is now offering Nano Brows semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. Nanoblading is a technique used to define brows by adding pigment hair by hair. The end result is a soft yet defined brow that lasts one to two years. Compared to microblading, nanoblading allows for more precision and a more natural result. An in depth brow mapping process before the tattoo ensures consistent, symmetrical results that can be replicated time and time again. Now waking up with defined brows that enhance your natural beauty are an appointment away.

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