Liposuction is an operation used to remove fat from underneath the skin. The fat removed is gone permanently but patients can still gain or lose weight depending on health, diet and exercise. This is not a weight loss procedure. We use multiple, small access incisions that are each 1-2 mm. Dr. Street also performs additional techniques to make sure the area is smooth. Liposuction is commonly combined with other procedures but can be a standalone surgery.

Anesthesia: General; Sedation with Local Anesthesia can be used in smaller cases
Operative Time: Varies based on size
Incisions: Multiple small access incisions
Drains: None
Recovery Timeline:

  • 5 Days – Typical time off work
  • 1 week – Suture removal
  • 2 weeks – Return to low-impact exercise
  • 3 weeks – Return to exercise without restriction
  • 2 months – Wear compression garment as much as possible
  • 3 months – 90 % of swelling resolved
  • 1 year – Final healing

*Please note that each patient and case is unique. Nothing in surgery is a guarantee. Please talk with Dr. Street more in person about your individualized surgical plan. All general anesthesia is performed by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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