Making a Memorable Smile

A great smile can brighten the day of those around you or make the perfect photo. What makes a great smile is more than just teeth. The lips and the gums frame the teeth, and the smile should be in balance with the whole face. Working together, a good Dentist and Plastic Surgeon can do wonders for your smile. When aiming for that perfect grin, it is ideal to have practitioners with great individual judgment and with a good working relationship. Let’s consider the elements that go into making a smile memorable.

The primary component of the smile is the teeth. As we age, we often see lower teeth more than upper teeth in our smiles since the upper lip tends to be lower and less elastic. Also, upper teeth get worn on the edges, shortening them. Thus, recreating longer upper teeth helps restore a beautiful smile. Straightening crowded teeth with invisible braces or aligners can create more smile harmony. More commonly, natural-looking ceramic veneers can improve the appearance of teeth and can close dark spaces between them. In many cases, some simple and conservative cosmetic bonding can create an ideal smile.

Addressing the color of the teeth is also important. Red wine and coffee are two common offenders. Whitening teeth several times a year can help correct the staining that comes with this. Suppose teeth are missing enamel or are naturally dark in color. In that case, ceramic veneers may be a better way of brightening the smile.

Next, we look at the lips, which act to frame the teeth. Well-shaped and defined lips are eye-catching. Delicate filler can correct the volume loss that happens with age without making the lips a distraction. It’s important not to overfill here. The lines around the mouth can also be softened with laser resurfacing.

The gums are also essential in creating a beautiful smile – too much gum display can distract from the smile. It can be corrected by orthodontics or gum surgery. Botox can also help decrease the amount of gum that shows on a full smile. Too little gum display or recession can be addressed with gum grafting.

The cheeks and the eyes are also worth noting as part of a great smile. Normal aging leaves us losing cheek volume that can be subtly replaced with filler. Doing this in small, natural amounts ensures that an “overdone” look is not created. The skin next to the eyes can bunch when we smile. Treating this area with Botox regularly can help these “crow’s feet” lines go away.

The most critical factor in all these techniques is respecting your goals and natural beauty. All this work should be subtle and not draw attention to itself but add to your overall look. Today, we have tools that, in the right hands, can help enhance or balance anyone’s smile. Find the right team to make these modern techniques and comprehensive treatments work for you.